Roda to Middleman in 1 Easy Step

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In an experiment to try to squeeze as many unicorns as I could out of a single dyno on Heroku, I built a version of this website on top of Roda, a thin routing layer for Rack.

It was successful experiment, between freezing about every object I could find, and a lot of other various tweaking, I had an app that provided me the convenicence of the workflow/tools I’m used to (code-reloading, Sprockets, Sass, Haml, Warden, etc.) that fit into a reasonably small chunk of memory.

However, it was a lot of work to get everything playing nicely, and wouldn’t be worth the effort for most projects. Further, I had no reason to leave my site (which is basically just a static site) in this state, so I made a bet I could convert the entire thing to a Middleman site in under an hour, including reworking my master/staging/production Jenkins jobs to deploy to Amazon S3 rather than Heroku. I won the bet.

Presented without further comment, the worst commit in the repository: 2ede0f.

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