Hi, I'm Jared Norman.

I'm an experienced web developer from the West coast of Canada. I specialize in E-Commerce, but that just means I know a ton about designing and managing complex systems that integrate with many third party services.

I'm currently available for short-term engagements where I assess and advise sofware development organizations. My role is to evaluate the state of projects and teams, identify upcoming risks, and recommend solutions.

I'm also available to teach 1-2 day development workshops where I cover topics like testing philosophies, dependency injection for Ruby applications, and front-end topics like practical Redux design.

If you're interested in how I can help your company, get in touch!

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About Me

I've been programming for a little while (since I was ten years old, that's about 19 years) and there's nothing I'd rather be doing. Software development is an amazing field where every year I can find tons of new tools, techniques, and domains to explore.

Outside of programming, I spend my time camping, hiking, playing hockey, and exploring the West coast of Canada.