I've written a couple lines of code

I build exceptional web apps and sites. I started writing code when I was in fifth grade, and since then I've become an expert at writing code, managing software projects, building development teams, and everything in between.

Software is Hard

Lots of teams run into trouble run by underestimating the cost of code. Every line of code in a project is baggage. As your business grows and evolves, all that weight makes it harder to change directions and capitalize on new opportunities.

This is where my experience comes in: I'm skilled at guiding you to the right technical decisions so that you can move fast now and move fast later.

I've Been There

Whether you have an online store, a web app, a payment gateway, or just a marketing site for your business, I've got experience that applies. I've seen the kind of problems you're facing before, and I know how to navigate them.

You'll never catch me reinventing the wheel or building an overcomplicated solution. I gather requirements, consider the problem, and then execute.

Code is For People

Computers need run the code we write, but it's more important that humans be able to understand and change it. Projects are almost always touched by many hands, and I consider this when writing every line.

The next developer is going to have to change the system, and they need to be able to get their work done easily without sifting through hundreds of files.

Let's Get to Work

No matter your needs, I've got you covered.

  • Web development, and all that comes with it
  • Technical leadership and guidance
  • Security and code quality auditing
  • Project management
  • Education: classes, talks, mentorship

Send me an e-mail so we can get started! jared@creepywizard.com